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Apex Legal Translation

Localising words for a globalising world is our motto. Apex legal translation is part of Language Reach. Our mission is simple, we act as the guide between our clients and their markets, breaking boundaries and pushing for understanding irrespective of language. We support the international business cycle on all levels – from legal translation services to marketing and website translations and localisation and officially certified translations. We recognise that our clients are busy people who often need a translation as part of a bigger objective. This is where we come in, and where our team of specialists execute the most effective solution, ensuring that you are met with the best possible outcome.

We open up

language to everyone

We are on a mission to open up language to everyone, using a powerful combination of expert human translators and machine intelligence, and providing curated localization solutions and tools


Translation of Birth certificate ,Translation of Death certificate ,Translation of Marriage certificates ,Translation of University certificates ,Translation ofAcademic certificates ,Translation of Criminal Investigation Report (statement),Translation of Tax cards (tax checklist statements), Translation of Travel permitsand travel permission , Translation of Commercial registers ,Translation of personalcards ,Translation of all kinds of certificates


Since websites and applications have become the first destination of individuals when there is need to obtain goods and services due to the technological development at the present time, one of the most important methods to attract customers to websites is to communicate with them in their own language.So, translation and Localization are the most important fields that help increasing website traffic. Although, machine translation service is available, it is not considered an accurate way of translation and makes the content poor and ineffective.


We provide interpretation service through a professional team to translate spokesmen speeches into audience language during conferences, press and TV interviews, meetings and other events. Interpretation services including Consecutive, Simultaneous and accompanying Translation.


We translate videos in all specialties to overcome problems of misconception due to the speed of speaking, specialized terminology, and abbreviations to facilitate audience understanding.Subtitling service is highly beneficial in all fields, including marketing, trade and various scientific specialties, which attracts larger number of audience of provided content..